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Photo of Riley - original photo before painting

The Process

Recreating the magic of your image
and making it come to life

Do you have a gorgeous image of your pet, a beautiful photo of a view that evokes happy memories or even just a photo that you have taken that would make a beautiful pastel painting for your wall?


Maybe you would love a pastel painting of an animal that you have sadly lost? 

Riley - springer spaniel painted in pastels from the photo

Email or upload your photos (please see the INFORMATION page for further info on how to obtain an ideal photo) so that I can take a look and make sure they have enough detail to create a vibrant, detailed pastel painting for you. 

If they have enough detail to create your painting and if you wish to go ahead and place an order, I will then email you a contract and an invoice for the 50% booking fee. This can be paid by cheque, BACs or through the PayPal link on the invoice and will secure your place in my diary. I will let you know your date slot to start your pastel painting if not already done so, but please remember you may have a small wait if my bookings fill up fast for the year. Please enquire about dates available in the first instance if your painting is urgent.

Painting in pastels sign in my studio

You will be informed when I commence your pastel painting and I will send you the initial sketch to make sure you are pleased with the layout. Then I will keep in touch throughout the process, sending you updates to make sure you are completely happy with the way it is progressing.

When the painting is completed, usually approximately two weeks duration, I will send you the balance invoice to be paid before I ship the painting out to you.

Your painting will then be wrapped in glycerine paper to make sure no damage or smudging occurs to the surface and couriered to you between two pieces of foam board, also wrapped in another bag for protection.


It is then all ready for you to have mounted and framed just how you wish. 

Contact Me

Thanks for submitting!

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