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Milo - my Jack russel, with a frame around his head

If you would like your painting card mounted, I can offer a selection of coloured card insert mounts as shown. You can either choose a colour yourself or let me decide which will compliment your finished painting beautifully. 


Your pastel portrait may shed a few particles of pigment when new. This is normal and will not damage the image. The surface will become more solid with time and shedding will stop. When you have your painting mounted, you will see a very small gap left between the mount and the painting itself. This is so that any dust particles can fall behind the mount when knocked and moved over time. If your painting is supplied unmounted, please ask the framer to ensure he allows for this gap. 


If you have another colour in mind that is not shown, just ask and I will try and source for you. Please allow a possible delay on top of your order time to allow for a colour not shown. Remember - your pastel painting will need to be framed to protect the surface and should be done by a professional framer as they are experienced in dealing with pastel surfaces.

Mount Choices

"A mount board is a thin, flat piece of coloured  card included within a picture frame, which serves as additional decoration and to perform several other, more practical functions such as separating the art from the glass"

Mount example
Whippets pastel painting
Mount example3
A Selection of Mount board Colour Choices
colour swatch - charcoal black
colour swatch - catkin
colour swatch - wedgewood
colour swatch - pale ivory
colour swatch - mid grey
colour swatch - super white
colour swatch - saxe blue
colour swatch - maroon

A4 Card Mount only

Studland neutral pH mountboard


A3 Card Mount only

Studland neutral pH mountboard


A2 Card Mount only

Studland neutral pH mountboard


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