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Below is a price guide to help you decide the size of the pastel painting you would like. Most commissions will fall into these sizes but if there are two or more faces on one picture, then the price will increase per face.  An addition of up to £40.00 per face may be added depending on the size you choose. I would recommend at least A3 size for most paintings, as choosing any smaller you tend to lose the impact and detail of the image. A4 is better for smaller sketches and head shots only.


Please note that I kindly ask for a deposit of 50% before commencing your painting to hold your time slot in my diary, this will be payable once your photo has been deemed usable and the order has been accepted. You can pay by BACS (direct bank transfer), cheque or PayPal. 


If the commission is cancelled more than 3 weeks prior to the date of commencement then a full refund will be given. If however the cancellation is given with less than 3 weeks notice then the full deposit becomes non-refundable. (The estimated date of commencement is given at the time of booking as this is subject to current orders in my diary).


I will send you an invoice for the deposit when you place your order and when you are happy with your finished painting, I will send you another invoice for the balance to be paid before it is posted out or collected.

Please contact me if you would like pricing in another currency.

Commission Pricing

20cm x 30cm (approx 8 x 12 inches or A4) size pastel painting

Small - painted on 360gsm Pastelmat paper


30cm x 40cm (approx 12 x 15.5 inches or A3 size) pastel painting

Medium - painted on 360gsm Pastelmat paper


40cm x 60cm (approx 15.5 x 23.5 inches or A2 size) pastel painting

Large - painted on 360gsm Pastelmat paper


Courier & Packing A4 & A3

To UK Mainland - posted between two sheets of foam board for protection


Courier & Packing A2

To UK Mainland - posted between two sheets of foam board for protection


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A size layout graph showing measurements of A4, A3 etc

REMEMBER: If you have your painting mounted, you will need to add approximately 50-75mm to the size of the completed painting you will receive. 

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