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Pen and (not) washed (out yet!)

After nearly a year away from the easel due to back surgery and life changes, its absolutely brilliant to be back painting once again albeit in a temporary studio for the next couple of months. I have not only plunged head first straight into my box of pastels but have also re-kindled my love of Pen & Wash.

Painting: Loyola University

Painting: Rily (commission)

A turbulent few months have seen me enter a competition (for the first time) - the SAA's Artist of the Year and have the painting get through to the final round of judging. To then have to very disappointingly withdraw only weeks later after the piece was not given permission by the new owner to be collected and put in front of the judges. If (and I know its a very big if) it had got through, it would have given me major coverage in magazines and been put on display at the NEC Birmingham. I have learnt my very sad lesson by redoing my Commission Agreement and ensuring that it is in place with friends as well as new clients.

It has not stopped my determination to enter as many competitions as possible - so close and yet so far.....

After many months of pain in my back which has already had one operation, I had to undergo another to cut the nerves. This was actually carried out in Spain, so with very limited Spanish, it was great fun trying to communicate with nurses and doctors! Not too sure what happened before, during or after the op, what drugs I was given or what the final outcome was, but finally I am almost pain free - Yay!

I'm very much looking forward to a painting trip to the States in May and will be loading up on as many photos as possible to join the ones taken in Spain. I hope to be able to do a series of paintings from both countries in between my commissions. So here's to looking forward to many more blogs, paintings, commissions, competition entries and giving up the sangria in favour of a good ol' shandy.

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