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The photo should be as detailed as possible, the quality of the final painting is a direct reflection of the photo provided. See my guide under 'Information'

How long will my painting take to complete?

Your painting will take approximately two weeks to complete depending on the size you choose. A2 (the largest size) may take a little longer. Then please allow time for delivery.

How do I care for my painting?

Careful handling is a must! The pastel painting may shed a few particles of pigment when new, but this is normal and will not damage the image. Please do not attempt to rub or brush away fallen particles, as you may mar the surface of your painting. Lightly shake them off and store the unframed painting flat until you take it to a framer.  Do not touch the painted surface. Putting fingers or other items on top of the picture or allowing it to be rubbed or flexed will damage the surface. Keep it flat, supported from underneath and facing upwards to protect the pastel surface. When you come to hanging the painting, choose a dry place indoors out of direct sunlight. Sunlight, even filtered through a window, is the enemy of all fine artwork. It degrades paper and canvas and may fade pigments.

What's a card mount?

The card mount is the boarder that surrounds the painting which is then placed inside a frame. 

Absolutely - it is highly recommended to cover them with glass to protect the service of the painting. See how 'How do I care for my painting?' above. If you order the card mount, all you need to do is purchase a frame to put it in or take it to your local framers. If you order a mount you will note there is a very small gap between the painting and the mount. This is to allow for any dust particles to fall behind the mount and not in front should it get knocked about over time.

Remember: These paintings are not framed, so it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you have the finished painting framed behind glass.

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