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Who they are

Artists for Conservation are a Canadian based international non-profit organisation. AFC represents 500 artists from 30 countries,in the nature/wildlife art genre, who are committed to conservation. Many of the world's most recognised names in the field are actively involved.

Their mission is to support wildlife and habitat conservation and environmental education
through art that celebrates nature.

Through international art exhibits, collaborative art-science expeditions, annual festival, awards, publications, and leading online initiatives, they engage, inspire and inform the public, and empower passionate professional artists as effective ambassadors for the environment.

They dedicate their resources to nurturing our world-class community of artists, and leveraging this unique pool of talent to support their mission through a variety of programs and initiatives, including:

  • Engaging and educating individuals and organisations through artistic expression to convey the importance and urgency of sustaining our natural heritage; 

  • Maintaining the world's largest gallery of nature inspired art and leading online initiatives in support of conservation;

  • Supporting art-science field research expeditions to study endangered species and threatened habitats;

  • Producing art exhibitions, special events, education workshops and publications in support of conservation;

  • Facilitating member art sales to raise funds for conservation;

  • Recognising artists and other individuals and organisations for their commitments and actions in support of conservation;

  • Partnering with conservation and value-aligned organisations for special projects, events and expeditions.

Artists for conservation member logo
Pastel painting of four African wild dogs looking at the viewer close up

Their Vision

To lead a global artistic movement that inspires individuals and organisations to preserve and sustain our natural heritage by uniting the talent and passion of the world’s most gifted nature artists.

Become a Sponsor

AFC offers various exciting sponsorship opportunities available across their programs, including their Annual Exhibit (both live and virtual), their annual Artists for Conservation Festival, their Flag Expedition Program, and other special programs. In addition, there are opportunities to support their school educational program which is currently offered at AFC's annual Festival.

Visit the AFC Festival website to learn more about current sponsors. For sponsorship, partnership or patron support inquires, please contact Jeff Whiting directly at

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